Paper B MRCPsych Critical Appraisal


  • Why should I choose PassAppraisaL (PAL)?
Critical Appraisal takes upto 33-40% of MRCPsych paper B. If one masters this topic, the chance of getting Membership is almost guaranteed. We believe that if you get the concepts right for statistics, you will not go wrong - no matter what question is thrown at you in the exam. To enable this we have made a webinar-based course tailored for the needs of MRCPsych candidates, with no assumption of any previous knowledge. Unlike other courses, we do not wander away from your target of Membership exams - not even for a minute! And to keep the focus intact, we do not include various clinicians with different needs into a single course.  

You will get 180 days access to our printable revision materials, several live webinars solving recent exam questions and an online Q-bank of critical appraisal Paper B MCQs and EMIs.

  • What happens at your webinar courses?
Our webinar courses are conducted bi-annually (5 to 6 weeks before each diet of the Paper 3 exam) PassAppraisaL is very different from any other course you might have attended so far for critical appraisal. WE TAKE LIMITED NUMBER OF CANDIDATES FOR EACH DIET. This is because we believe in tutoring rather than lecturing. As a psychiatric trainee, one never gets proper teaching in critical apprasial/statistics and we believe PAL can do what you always wanted someone to do for you before those awful exams!

Bi-annual tuition courses have been conducted since
2009 and every diet has been overwhelmingly successful. The course materials are highly sought after and candidates consistently report achieving a high degree of conceptual clarity with one-to-one teaching of critical appraisal topics. In addition, we also have a library of several videos that provide high-impact, but simplified lectures on statistics to get you started. You will also get recorded access to the live webinars, if you miss one of the several web-tuition classes that are included in the package.

  • Who will be teaching us?
The tutorials are delivered by Dr. Lena Palaniyappan, Associate Professor in Neuroimaging (Western University) & Consultant Psychiatrist, Early Intervention in Psychosis, London Health Sciences Centre.

Our team has many years of postgraduate teaching experience. We have published a series of 3 MCQ books for the new MRCPsych exams . Teaching psychiatry, critically appraising literature, analysing statistical methods and applying evidence base in psychiatric practice is what we do day after day , as a part of our work. Since 2007, hundreds of our students have successfully passed MRCPsych exams and have given excellent feedback for our method of 'nailing' confusing concepts at their roots!